Wolf Spider | Grounded Guide - Basically Average (2024)

In Grounded there are only a few Creatures that I absolutely despise and never want to run into unless I absolutely have to and one of the main ones is the Wolf Spider.

As many of my viewers on Twitch know, I’m extremely prone to being jump scared, even if I am not currently playing a Horror Game and quite frankly… I have been jump scared by a Wolf Spider multiple times, even when taking screenshots in Creative Mode.

The Wolf Spider is honestly the toughest mobs that players can find walking around the Garden, though there are obviously tougher boss Mobs and such that the player will find while trying to help BURG.L locate his Chips as well as the farmable toughest Spider in the game the Hedge Broodmother.

While the Wolf Spider is segregated into its own areas there are a number of them in the world and admittedly they travel quite a good distance from their spawn, putting players at risk of being killed at any point. The sad reality is that players can be killed in only a few hits, even with good armour on. Players should always make sure that they are listening closely as the Wolf Spider has a fairly obvious tell that it is around.

Players will be able to tell a Wolf Spider apart from an Orb Weaver by it’s size and colouring, being a larger Spider that is brown in colour instead of with yellow highlights.

The following guide will take you through everything you need to know about the Wolf Spider, including tactics on how to defeat one, why you would want to farm them and where they are located.

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Wolf Spiders, like many other mobs, have set locations, but as I mentioned previously, Wolf Spiders are known to wander much further from their spawn points than other creatures.

Due to the wandering of Wolf Spiders, it’s going to be important that players are always conscious of their surroundings, especially when they are nearing the areas I’m about to mention.

While players should be fairly safe, even as someone who is well aware of Wolf Spiders, I have been known to be caught off guard every so often.

Wolf Spiders tend to spend the days in their den and wander during the late afternoon, night, or early morning though depending on the spawn point or what has grabbed their attention, they may break their daily routine. Out of all creatures in the world, I would have to say that Wolf Spiders tend to be the most bugged and often have me “debugging” them in the settings so they respawn or don’t keep spawning in the ground.

Players can tell that a Wolf Spider is around, even if it is sleeping as they will snore. If a Wolf Spider is sleeping, players can take a few shots at it with no reprocussions as it will take the Wolf Spider a second or two to wake up and begin attacking, similar to Bees.

The locations the Wolf Spider can be found at are as follows:

1 Wolf Spider is located under the porch in the Hedge (by the House)

1 Wolf Spider is located under the Yoked Girth Head

1 Wolf Spider is under the pile of leaves southeast of the Fallen Oak Branch

1 Wolf Spider is hidden under Plank Cliff in a Cave

1 Wolf Spider is in the middle of the Stepping Stone area, between the rocks

1 Wolf Spider is located under a rock that is by the Upper Yard Ascent

1 Wolf Spider is by the roots of the Oak Tree

1 Wolf Spider is in the lego block in the Sandbox

2 Wolf Spiders are located in the lid of the BBQ Spill

2 Wolf Spiders are located on the Blue Tarp in the Woodpile area

3 Wolf Spiders are actually underneath the Oak Tree

When it comes to farming Wolf Spiders, the best area is under the Oak Tree as long as players are able to pull out a single Wolf Spider at a time. I highly suggest that players avoid attempting to take on multiple Wolf Spiders at once, unless they are in a group of friends. Doing so is extremely problematic.


As mentioned, as other bugs that are crawling around the Garden, the Wolf Spider is going to have a list of strengths and Weaknesses that the player can utilize in order to help burst it down.

Admittedly, most Spiders are the same when it comes to this, so even if you want to transpose this for the Orb Weaver or Hedge Broodmother, you should be good.

The Wolf Spider’s main elemental weakness is Spicy Damage, meaning that players are either going to want to upgrade their Weapons with Spicy Damage using the Smithing Station or using a Spicy Coaltana.

In my opinion the Spicy Coaltana tends to be the best Weapon of choice for Melee weapons, though I tend to typically use a Crow Crossbow so I can keep distance for as long as I can before switching to one.

Other Weapons of choice include Chopping or Slashing Weapons, which include the following:

Bone Dagger

Insect Axe

Pebblet Axe

Pebblet Dagger

Spider Fang Dagger

Termite Axe

Antlion Greatsword

Black Ant Sword

Larva Blade

and of course the best Weapon for the Wolf Spider, the Spicy Coaltana

While there probably won’t be any time that a player attempts to use Fresh Elemental Damage, it should be noted that the Wolf Spider is actually resistant to this type of damage, so avoid it at all costs.

The Wolf Spider is also resistant to Generic and Stabbing damage. Using Generic Damage isn’t the worst thing possible, especially if a player is using an Antlion Greatword, though players shout try to avoid Stabbing damage as much as possible (other than Arrows.) Stabbing Damage comes from the following Weapons:

Arrows (though Spicy Arrows work wonders)

Bone Trident

Mosquito Needle

Pebblet Spear

Stinger Spear

Players should be aware that they should never try to use poison against the Wolf Spider as it essentially deals no damage to the Wolf Spider.

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One of the most important thing to keep in mind when battling a Wolf Spider, even if you have been playing the game for a long time is that they can apply Poison. Poison, by far, is one of the toughest types of attacks to deal with unless you have a way to resist the poison.

Players will want to farm at least 5 Wolf Spiders so they can obtain the Mutation that makes them immune to poison. This Mutation is going to be essential for many of the mobs in end game, so I would recommend speed running this as soon as you can so you never have to deal with Wolf Spider’s poison again.

Admittedly, for me, kiting a Wolf Spider is honestly fairly easy, but getting hit by poison really destroys me and often has me dead.

Otherwise, the Orb Weaver has a similar attack pattern to an Orb Weaver, meaning that players will have to learn to it’s attack pattern to block it regularly as even though it does not one shot a player.

The attacks a Wolf Spider has include:

A Lunge attack

A Normal Bite

A Jump Attack

A Bite Combo, which is very deadly

Players should note that before they get the Mutation, all of these attacks will apply poison onto the player.

While Wolf Spiders are usually hostile to a player, letting out a roar before it begins attacking the player, Wolf Spiders are oddly attracted to Stinkbug Parts, meaning that they will raid a player’s Chest that contains them or will try to pick them up off the ground. Players can use this knowledge to their advantage if they want to distract or lure out a Wolf Spider, however, this tends to be pretty useless in the long run.

When it comes to killing a Wolf Spider, players are going to want to make sure that they have at least Tier 2 Armour and a Tier 2 or 3 Weapon. As mentioned, players will want the Spicy Coaltana as it is the strongest Weapon, though a Spicy Coaltana is not available to players early on.

At the end of the day, it’s much more important that a player has a Tier 2 set of Armour versus the Weapon as a player can effectively take down a Wolf Spider with a Bow or Crossbow if necessary.

At the end of the day if a player chooses to use a Melee Weapon, players should try to use a one handed Weapon as having a shield is going to be highly important, especially if their Weapon is not upgraded very far. Shields are very strong against the Wolf Spider as this can help avoid the venom debuff. As soon as a player has the Mithridatism Mutation this isn’t as much of a necessity, making the Antlion Greatsword one of the best options.


The following are the drops from the Wolf Spider:

0-3 Spider Chunks (come from other Spiders as well)

1-2 Spider Fangs

1-2 Spider Venom

The Wolf Spider is going to be a very important mob to grind out regularly, especially if players want to craft the following items:

Spider Fang Dagger

Venom Arrow

Spider Hood

Spider Shoulder Guard

Spider Knee Pads

Insect Bow

At the end of the day, players will not need to grind out Wolf Spiders all of the time, they will however want to defeat them as soon as possible due to the Mutation that unlocks as well as the fact that the Gear you can craft with it will be very useful.

Beyond this players will only need to farm Wolf Spiders if they need to repair certain Gear or if they need a supply of Spider Venom to make Venom Arrows.

Wolf Spider | Grounded Guide - Basically Average (2024)
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