[Top 5] Grounded Best Way To Kill Spiders (2024)

Updated: 15 Nov 2020 8:07 pm

[Top 5] Grounded Best Way To Kill Spiders (1)

Spider fight

BY: Michael Hacker

[Top 5] Grounded Best Way To Kill Spiders

5. The Can Method

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Can Method Full Details:

This method is one of two great ways to kill orb-weaver spiders and uses the can nearby to kill them easily and safely. This method is faster if you have stronger equipment like the insect bow or the many arrows in Grounded.

How The Can Method Works

  • Nearby the Great Oak there is a wooden fence where orb-weaver spiders spawn, follow near the fence and you’ll find an empty can, that’s where you’ll fight.
  • Place a lure trap near the can and be prepared with some basic arrows and a basic sprig bow, use better equipment to kill the spiders faster.
  • Go near the fence to an opening, an orb-weaver spider should be nearby, aggro the spider by shooting it and make sure it’s chasing you.
  • After the spider begins chasing you run back to the can and hide inside it. The spider will then aggro on the lure trap and you get a safe sniping point to kill it.
  • For those who aren’t fluent in gaming language, the webster definition of aggro is deliberately aggressive, provoking, or violent behavior.

4. The Corner Trap

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The Corner Trap Full Details:

This exploits the game mechanics to get an orb-weaver spider stuck in a corner of a root and the fence. This is slightly more dangerous than The Can Method because you have to get closer to the spiders to aggro them and you have to run through dried grass to get to this safe spot.

How The Corner Trap Works

  • You’ll have to find the can for this method too but facing the fence go to the right side through the dried grass.
  • There is a root that you can follow down on the right side, you’ll have to get the spiders trapped on the left side of this root.
  • Go through the dried grass till you see an orb-weaver spider and aggro it with an arrow from your bow after you aggro it, run towards the can, and up the root.
  • With any luck the orb-weaver spider will be stuck between the root and wall, you can safely climb up the root without the spider attacking you and snipe it from above.

3. The Glitch Trick

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The Glitch Full Details:

This is a great trick that causes a Wolf spider to glitch itself stuck into his home while you’re still able to attack it and it can’t attack you, no matter how much it wants to. This isn’t the fastest trick to get spider parts you’ll need but it is safe and simple.

How The Glitch Trick works

  • At the end of the mite log, if you go to the left you’ll see a tent of leaves with a sleeping wolf spider in it, the entrance is to the left so you need to go to the right.
  • Go to the back of the nest and you’ll see a hole where you can see the sleeping spider, if you get too close he’ll wake up ruining this trick so stay quiet and snipe him through this hole, he’ll turn around and lunge at you.
  • After the wolf spider attacks you, he’ll get stuck in his nest to a point where you’ll be able to kill him safely and easily with a bow.
  • This glitch is an easy way to get parts from a wolf spider but you’ll only be able to do it once the spider spawns there.

2. Duck and Weave

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Duck and Weave Full Details:

This fighting technique is really simple but a little tricky to get the hang of. If you stay close to spiders and block at the right time you won’t have to do any tricks to kill spiders.

How Duck and Weave works

  • Using a spear or a blunt weapon or a bladed weapon you’ll be able to kill any spider you face doing this simple technique.
  • Spiders have a cone in which they attack so if you circle around their right side they’ll show their attack and miss leaving them open for attack.
  • If you are too close to their front be sure to block as spiders do a lot of damage if you have no armor. Be sure to wear some armor of some kind to make this fight safer.

1. Hedge Broodmother

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Hedge Broodmother Full Details:

This is less of a trick and more of instructions to find a boss spider in the game, in the hedge ascent you are able to find the fling man flying disk and that’s where you find this boss. The Hedge Brood Mother has an orb-weaver spider with her making fighting with a melee weapon dangerous. There are some branches that give you an advantage point so you won’t have to fight them head-on.

How the Hedge Brood Mother fight works

  • This is a boss fight that will take precision aiming and a good bow or two with bushels of arrows to accomplish.
  • Make your way up the hedge ascent minding the orb-weavers that live there, they won’t be able to reach you if you don’t go on the same branch they are on.
  • After you find your way to the Fling Man Flying Disk location you’ll see two spiders there, one orb-weaver and the Hedge Brood Mother.
  • Take care of the orb-weaver first so you can focus on the hedge mother as she’ll jump around and try to reach you but if you’re up on the branches she can’t so you can snipe her from a safe distance.

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[Top 5] Grounded Best Way To Kill Spiders (2024)
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