Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars LIVE RESULT: Miniminter HAT-TRICK reaction as Sidemen win 15-goal THRILLER - latest (2024)

Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars LIVE RESULT: Miniminter HAT-TRICK reaction as Sidemen win 15-goal THRILLER - latest (1)

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Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars LIVE RESULT: Miniminter HAT-TRICK reaction as Sidemen win 15-goal THRILLER - latest (2)

SIDEMEN FC fought back in incredible fashion to beat the YouTube All Stars 8-7 in the Sidemen Charity Match 2022.

Sidemen star Miniminter scored a sizzling hat-trick including a late, late winner as the game ended as an absolute thriller.

Charlton's The Valley stadium was long SOLD OUT for the game, which saw KSI's Sidemen group take on a selection of YouTube All Stars.

Among the FIFTEEN goals scored, Chunkz and Yung Filly both hit screamers for the YouTube All Stars.

Follow ALL the latest reaction with our live blog below...

  • 26th Sept 2022, 14:34By Sam Dymond

    Double celebration for dad Ethan

    Ethan Payne became a dad just hours after the Sidemen's Charity Match against the YouTube Allstars.

    Payne took part in the YouTube super group's match against the Allstars in front of a sold-out Valley Stadium on Saturday.

    But his life changed forever hours later when his girlfriend Faith Kelly gave birth to their daughter Olive.

    Payne shared the news with his four million Instagram followers on Sunday night.

    The 27-year-old posted a picture of himself holding baby Olive and the match trophy to the social media website.

    His accompanying caption read: "What a weekend, Welcome to the world Olive Ottilie Payne.

    "My heart couldn’t be more full, I am beyond proud of @faithlouisak for everything.

    "Women are superheroes. Forever loving my little family."


  • 26th Sept 2022, 10:33By James Colasanti

    The joy of 'Goldbridge ball'

    YouTube Allstars' free-flowing fifth goal in their 8-7 defeat to Sidemen FC was an illustration of 'Goldbridge ball', apparently.

    The sweeping 13-pass move from keeper to opposing net was finished off with a low, left-foot slot into the bottom corner by Castro.

    And Sport Bible say it is indicative of the "liquid football" promoted by ex-United Stand FC and now YouTube Allstars boss Goldbridge - a 43-year-old who's real name is Brent Di Cesare.


  • 26th Sept 2022, 09:38By James Colasanti

    Miniminter picks up MOTM award

    When the dust settled on Sidemen FC's 8-7 win over YouTube Allstars it was time to pick a man of the match - and it went to a predictable winner.

    YouTube personality and Sidemen striker Simon Minter - aka Miniminter - delivered on his reputation again with a match-winning hat-trick and a number of assists.

    It was the 30-year-old's third hat-trick in four Sidemen charity games and earned him a near perfect 9.9 on these player ratings from The SportsGrail.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 22:47By Jon Boon

    Goodbye from us

    And that's it from us, as Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars prove football can be a success without any pros involved.

    An incredible 25,000 supporters turned up at the Valley, while 2.6million viewers watched the likes of KSI and Chunkz in action in a thrilling match through a live stream.

    It was the Sidemen FC who ran out 8-7 winners - but it was charity that was the real winner.

    Both sides managed to raise over a £1million for their designated charities.

    Well done to all.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 22:11By Jon Boon

    iShowSpeed compilation

    A hilarious video of iShowSpeed's performance against Sidemen FC has landed on Twitter.

    From outrageous stepovers to crunching tackles, it's a strange mix of clips of the player's talents.

    And don't forget when he ran half the length of the pitch to whip ref Mark Clattenburg with his shirt after taking it off.


  • Behzinga the daddy

    Ethan Payne, better known as Behzinga, had lots to cheer about.

    The Sidemen were victorious in the football.

    Then, his missus later gave birth to a baby they've called Olive.

    And he shared an image clutching his daughter along with the trophy Sidemen clinched with the win over the YouTube Allstars.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 19:36By Jon Boon

    Spurs dissed

    Tottenham found themselves as the butt of the joke thanks to Specsavers.

    The glasses specialist were wowed by Sidemen FC defeating YouTube Allstars 8-7.

    And they immediately took to Twitter to poke fun at the North London club's lack of silverware in recent times.

    The tweeted: “The Sidemen have more titles than Spurs #SidemenCharityMatch”.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 18:26By Jon Boon

    Chunkz - just like Berbatov

    YouTube Allstars star Chunks has been compared to Man Utd legend Dimitar Berbatov.

    The social media personality scored a screamer to open the scoring on Saturday.

    The xG Philosophyrevealed there was a 0.02 xG of him scoring from 40-yards, with fans immediately commenting on his brilliance.

    One wrote: “Outrageous from Chunkz, full on Berbatov vibes in this game.”

    Another fan wrote: “What a goal! Chunkz is so good.” One even went as far as saying: “He strikes the ball better than a lot of Premier League strikers.”


  • 25th Sept 2022, 17:30By Dylan Terry

    Goldbridge reacts to Sidemen Charity Match

    YouTube Allstars manager Mark Goldbridge has given his reaction to the 8-7 defeat at The Valley on Saturday afternoon.

    The Man Utd superfan remained thoroughly upbeat about the extraordinarily successful charity event despite the result of the game.

    He tweeted: "What a day! Sidemen raising over a million for charity! Absolutely amazing effort & organisation. They're taking things to a different level.

    "Huge shoutout to all the players. Superb! Oh & the suit isn't being hung up. It's at the dry cleaners and ready to go again when needed."


  • 25th Sept 2022, 16:57By Dylan Terry

    Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube Allstars

    Here is a recap of the match yesterday.

    The Allstars led 4-3 at half-time but the Sidemen battled back in the second period to secure an 8-7 victory.

    A 15-goal thriller! Not many times that can be said about a match at The Valley!


  • 25th Sept 2022, 16:27By Dylan Terry

    Speed foul on KSI

    Here is the foul from Speed on KSI in the opening moments of the match yesterday.

    Get some of that!

    Speed takes KSI out after just 16 seconds 😂

    — SPORTbible (@sportbible) September 24, 2022


  • 25th Sept 2022, 15:57By Dylan Terry

    KSI in good spirits after Speed foul

    KSI got wiped out just 16 seconds into the Sidemen vs YouTube All Stars charity match.

    Fellow YouTuber IShowSpeed sprinted across the pitch before clattering into KSI with a poorly timed challenge.

    The American looked delighted with the tackle however, pounding the turf in celebration before jumping around with glee.

    KSI could not help but laugh about the situation after his trash talk backfired in speculator fashion.

    Ahead of the game KSI had mocked Speed's ability and wished for the streamer to have a terrible game.

    KSI said: "My goal is to make sure Speed has a terrible time playing against me. This man is just pure trash, even against stinkers 😂😂. Man did one skill and was out of breath. Another fraud getting exposed this Saturday."

    KSI was quick to laugh at himself and the incident with Speed after the full-time.

    He tweeted: "Speed giving me an L in the first 20 seconds of the game too 😂."


  • 25th Sept 2022, 15:27By Dylan Terry

    Muted celebrations on the pitch explained

    The Sidemen have explained on social media why they did not celebrate on the pitch and instead waited until they returned to the dressing room.

    A tweet read: "Because a number of fans tried to enter the stadium without paying, they were forced to close the stadium gates.

    “Thank you so much to everyone who made this day so special and helped to raise over £1,000,000 for our incredible chosen charities.

    “Unfortunately however due to a small minority attempting to break into the stadium, we were forced to lock the gates meaning a number of you weren’t able to get in despite having tickets.

    “This was a security and safety decision, however we appreciate this is incredibly frustrating and disappointing for those unfairly impacted. We deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused.”


  • 25th Sept 2022, 14:57By Dylan Terry

    KSI on the Charity Match

    KSI gave his thoughts to Sky Sports ahead of yesterday's game as they prepared to step out in front of a sold-out stadium in Charlton.

    He said: "It’s incredible [the atmosphere], 27,000 people screaming, shouting, raring to go, everyone’s buzzing.

    "10 years ago we were in our bedrooms playing Fifa pretending to be our favourite footballers.

    "I didn’t expect to ever be on a pitch, or to be able to do boxing or music or whatever I’m doing. I didn’t expect any of this."


  • 25th Sept 2022, 14:27By Dylan Terry

    Charity match raises £1m for charity

    Saturday's epic 15-goal thriller between Sidemen FC and the YouTube All Stars has raised over £1MILLION.

    The social media celeb-fest also had a peak audience of a whopping 2.5m viewers on YouTube.

    During the game, viewers were encouraged to donate money which is being split between four charities - Teenage Cancer Trust, Living Miserably, Rays of Sunshine, and M7E.

    The grand total for donations is still building as thousands re-watch the match via the official stream.

    An incredible 18m tuned in over the first 24 hours.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 13:58By Dylan Terry

    Filly reacts to goal

    Yung Filly has given his response after scoring a sensational goal in the Sidemen Charity Match.

    Speaking on social media, he said: "I scored at the @Sidemen charity match, can’t stop watching it back 😭❤️."

    Filly scored in the 26th minute to give the Allstars a 3-2 lead, although they did go on to lose 8-7.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 13:30By Dylan Terry

    Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube Allstars

    Here is a reminder of how things unfolded at The Valley on Saturday afternoon.

    The Allstars led 4-3 at half-time but the Sidemen battled back in the second period to secure an 8-7 victory.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 13:02By Dylan Terry

    Zerker gives his reaction

    Sidemen member Josh Zerker has given his reaction to the charity match on social media.

    He said: "2.6m peak concurrent viewers ✅. Over £1 million raised for charity ✅. 15 goals in a match ✅

    "Sidemen for life!"


  • 25th Sept 2022, 12:34By Dylan Terry

    Beck reacts to Sidemen Charity Match

    Noah Beck has reacted to the All-Stars 8-7 defeat to the Sidemen yesterday.

    He tweeted: "Ya played a bit s**** on my end and unfortunate to not get the result.

    "BUT NEVERTHELESS i just want to thank @Sidemen and all the amazing people i’ve met here who made this all possible.

    "Additionally raised a ton of money for charity 💰 and scored 15 combined goals ⚽️. Memories."


  • 25th Sept 2022, 12:07By Dylan Terry

    Top rated players

    Here are the top five-rated players from the Sidemen Charity Match yesterday

    • Miniminter - 9.9
    • TBJZL - 9.6
    • Chunkz - 9.0
    • ChrisMD - 8.6
    • Niko - 8.5


  • 25th Sept 2022, 11:39By Dylan Terry

    Sidemen Charity Match player ratings

    After a four-year absence, the Sidemen Charity Match returned on Saturday, withKSI's Sidemen side just about edging an 8-7 victory.

    It wasa packed out crowd at Charlton's stadium, which boasts 27,111 supporters.

    And fans were treated to a gluts of goal - which included some fantastic long-range strikes as well as questionable goalkeeping from both shot-stoppers.

    Here is how each player rated in the match.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 11:10By Dylan Terry

    Speed hits out at Clattenburg

    Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg was on the receiving end of abuse from YouTuber Speed following the Sidemen Charity Game.

    The American had a goal chalked off for offside and blamed the officials for the decision - despite it clearly being the right call.

    “Oh my god! So much anger built inside of me you know. I’m mad bro,” he said after the final whistle.

    “Who is that ref? Are you even a Premier League ref bro? That’s a clear goal, they just hating. I’m very p**ssed off now bro.”


  • 25th Sept 2022, 10:42By Dylan Terry

    Miniminter delivers in charity match

    The star of the show was Sidemen member Miniminter who scored a hat-trick in Charlton.

    And his three goals came from just 0.4 xG!

    He had 10 shots at goal and ultimately ended up being the difference between the two sides.


  • 25th Sept 2022, 10:15By Dylan Terry

    Another game in 2023?

    KSI has hinted he would like to do another Sidemen Charity Match next year.

    He said: “What a day. I’m absolutely knackered but I’m so proud of what the social media/online community did today. So entertaining & raised so much money for charity. A historic moment.

    “Thanks to everyone that made this event so special. Can’t wait to do it again next year :)”


  • 25th Sept 2022, 09:40By Kealan Hughes

    Speed continues troll of KSI

    American YouTuber IShowspeed was one of the stars of the show and he continued his trolling of KSI on Twitter after the match.

    It took just seconds for the streamer to clatter into KSI and after the game Speed shared a pic of him standing over his opponent.

    He captioned the photo: "I own you lil bro."



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Sidemen FC 8-7 YouTube All Stars LIVE RESULT: Miniminter HAT-TRICK reaction as Sidemen win 15-goal THRILLER - latest (2024)


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