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The warm, aromatic steam filled the spacious, dimly lit bathroom, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The gentle sound of water splashing against the porcelain tub echoed softly, enhancing the sense of tranquility. Rose petals floated lazily on the surface, their delicate fragrance mingling with the scent of lavender and sandalwood.

The man reclined in the tub, his head of blue hair resting against a plush bath pillow, eyes closed as he savoured the rare moment of peace. The soft glow of candlelight danced across his features, casting a warm, soothing light over his surroundings. His muscles, usually tense and battle-hardened, were relaxed, almost melting into the warm embrace of the water.

The calm was abruptly shattered as the water began to bubble violently. His eyes shot open. Alarm spread across his face as he sat up abruptly, splashing water over the edges of the tub. Before he could react further, a figure emerged from the turbulent waters.

Yomi rose from the depths like a vengeful spirit, her movements fluid and deadly. Her pale hair clung to her face and shoulders, water streaming down her body as she lifted herself effortlessly from the tub. In her hand, a blood blade gleamed menacingly, its edge pressed firmly against the man's neck.

The man's breath caught in his throat, his eyes wide with a mix of shock and fear. The blade was impossibly sharp, its crimson hue reflecting the candlelight ominously. He dared not move, knowing that even the slightest twitch could end his life in an instant.

Yomi's eyes, a fiery red that seemed to pierce through his very soul, bore into him with a fierce intensity. "Do not move, Akito of the black sand," she commanded, her voice low and deadly calm.

The man nodded imperceptibly, his heart pounding in his chest. He could feel the cold edge of the blade against his skin, a stark reminder of how precarious his situation had become. The water continued to ripple around them, the rose petals now displaced and scattered.

"Who are you?" he managed to whisper, his voice cold.

"I am the Shinigami," Yomi replied, her lips curling into a dangerous smile. "But you may call me Kamikage."

The title hung in the air, heavy with meaning. The man's mind raced, trying to piece together how he had come to be in this situation. He had heard rumours of the Kamikage's ruthless efficiency and her unparalleled skill with blood arts. But he had never imagined he would find himself at her mercy, especially not in such an intimate and vulnerable setting with her between his legs.

Yomi leaned closer, her blade never wavering. "Tell me, Kazekage-sama" she said softly, her tone almost cordial. "What were Suna-shibobi doing in my territory, hmm?"

He swallowed hard, feeling the blade press just a bit tighter. "I sent them," he said, desperation creeping into his voice.

"Did you? Now why the f*ck would you do that?" Yomi asked, her smile widening despite her growing anger. "Do I owe you money?"

"It is standard practice to send spies; don't take it personally." He was brave; she gave him that, and she found him funny enough to release her blood knife.

"Then Kazekage-sama, did you see anything you like?" Her tone was dubious; throwing him off guard for a second. He struggled to realise what was happening. Right now, there was a woman in his tub, in between his legs, while he was naked.

She looked down.. "That's not very big."





Yomi backed off swiftly as a mass of black sand chased her out of the bathtub, immediately forcing her back to slam against the wall. Seeing the sand coming straight for her, she dodged, scrambling to her feet and running away.

"Calm down! I'm here in the name of peace!" She screamed, running for her life. He grabbed a towel to retain some of his dignity.

"You damned brat, come back here!" he screamed, chasing her. "Your mother is small! Your whole lineage is small! I am not small!"

Yomi's laughter echoed through the halls of the kage's home and by the time the ANBU had arrived, they weren't sure if this was a fight or a game.

By the time they both calmed down, Akito had changed into a robe, and a beautiful scowl graced his face as she tapped his feet impatiently, watching the girl sit across from him. Who's kid was this? Why didn't she learn any manners? Thinking about what she said pissed him off so much he felt he'd have a stroke.

"I'm sorry, ok! If you didn't send spies, I wouldn't have to resort to violence!" She defended herself, but he wasn't having it.

"If you're pissed, go to war or kill the Shinobi. Why bring my manhood into this!? That is taking it too far!"

She rolled her eyes, it wasn't her problem if he was insecure.

Seeing her blatant disrespect, he picked up his porcelain cup and dashed it at her, but she dodged, and so it shattered into pieces against his back wall. She seemed unphased and instead relaxed into her chair, crossing her legs.

"So, did you come here just to bitch about the spies?" He asked, throwing away all sense of formality. She had seen him at his most shameful; it was too late now.

She shrugged, "I came to make you beg a bit your spies interrupted something important, it was my day off."

"That's not a valid reason!"

"Calm down, it's not my fault Suna doesn't have much water, I just happened to teleport to your bathtub, accidents happen."

He held his head in pain. What was this bullsh*t? He wasn't even married yet and this brat had taken his innocence.

"Anyway, I am here on behalf of Chika, It's about time we form an alliance, right?"

He really didn't want to listen to her, but right now he had to put aside his personal grievances.

"And why would I agree to that?" He asked. If glares could silence her; she would have been silenced a million times.

"I have a question for you.." Who answers a question with a question? "Right now, are you safe?"


"Are you safe right now? If I poisoned you in the bath, can you be sure to live? If I attack you, will my blood reach you before your ANBU? Between your black sand and my blood, which is quicker, do you want to find out?"

What kind of stupid sh*t is this brat spouting?

"I-!" As he spoke, he realised a thin needle sat against his forehead, pressing ever so gently against his skin. How did he not notice? She did not move an inch, there was no fluctuation in chakra—actually, why didn't she have chakra?

"So you've realised, there's something about me the world doesn't know. I'll let you in on the secret since we will be allies, but Akito.. I can't use Jutsu."

His widened in shock, this was information he had no access to till now, she couldn't use Justsu? So this was pure innate skill? What the f*ck?

The needle withdrew without movement on her side. "Do you understand? You know Chika has a habit of sheltering abandoned clans; that is because we can keep them in check due to my innate skill. Untraceable... and infinite."

"What do you want from Suna." He needed to know, there was no way she was coming here with good intentions.

"I want Sasori of the red sand."

"For what?"

"I need him to engineer an antidote to my abilities."

"Now, why would you do something stupid like that?" He asked, confused.

"If I didn't, would you feel comfortable working with me? I am practically a god."

She was co*cky, and he hated how it was backed with ability. Who else dared to call themselves a god?

"I'm shocked this is all you want, part of me thought you were here because..."

"Of the upcoming war? I don't care about that."

Konoha and Iwagakure had started quarrelling, if quarrelling meant bloody deaths. But it wasn't her problem, Kiri and Chika were safe and Konoha hadn't asked for help so Chika minded their business and flourished off the blood money.

"If we go into an alliance and Suna joins the war would Chikagakure back us up?"

"Now why would you do that? Look, don't be unreasonable; we will back you up if you are attacked, but if you go looking for trouble, that's not our business."

"I want this in writing."


The treaty was made and signed with the Kazekage in a bathrobe and the Kamikage in wet clothes.

How anticlimactic.

"See, that's not so hard? Come pick up your shinobi later, I never wanna see them again." Yomi said, flinging the piece of paper to Akito.

"Fine, anything else?"

She thought for a moment and smiled. "If I take in your rouge-nin don't bitch about it."

Yomi reappeared in the beautiful underground pool in Chikagakure, her clothes soaking wet as she emerged from the waters. The soft glow from the bioluminescent crystals illuminated the area, casting a serene light across the water. Kakuzu was waiting for her, leaning against a pillar with a look of mild impatience.

"Did things at Suna go well?" Kakuzu asked, half-expecting her to have started a war, leaving things to her was most probably a very bad idea.

"It's sorted," Yomi replied with exhaustion, stepping out of the pool and shaking off the remaining water.

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow. "That's surprisingly efficient foryou."

Yomi laughed, brushing off his jabs. "How are Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan?"

"They're in the private baths, they're enjoying their holiday," Kakuzu replied, his tone softening slightly.

"Good. Could you ask the kitchen to include dangos for dinner? Konan likes them," Yomi said, her eyes bright with excitement.

"You ask someone else. I'm not your errand boy." Kakuzu shot back.

Yomi pouted, stepping closer to him. "Come on, Kakuzu. You're the only one I can rely on for this. Please?" He always said no the first time.

He grumbled but couldn't resist her request. "Fine. But don't make this a habit."

"Thank you, Kakuzu! You're the best," Yomi said, giving him a quick hug.

"Let. Go."

"Hai, hai." She did as instructed and skipped off to find her friends.

In the private baths on the male side, Yahiko and Nagato were immersed in the water, deep in conversation.

"This place is amazing," Yahiko said, his voice filled with awe. "I can't believe Yomi did all this."

Nagato nodded, enjoying the steam from the water.

Yahiko's expression turned serious, he had been thinking about this for a while. "Nagato, do you think Yomi has killed someone before?"

Nagato glanced at him, why was he asking something so obvious? "Probably. Leading a village like this, dealing with so many clans... It's almost certain."

Yahiko's eyes widened in shock. "I don't believe that. She's so... kind."

Nagato sighed, his gaze steady. "Yahiko, you need to see all of her, not just the parts you want to see. If you love her, you have to accept everything about her, even the parts you don't understand."

"L-Love?" Yahiko said with a fierce blush, Nagato rolled his eyes. What kind of reaction was that? Was he unaware until this very moment that he was in love with her? He was always talking about her, thinking about her, and planning to do things for her. Did he think it was still just a childish crush?

Yahiko was silent for a moment, thinking of Nagato's answer. The truth of it was undeniable, but it was still hard to reconcile with his image of Yomi. Before he could respond, Nagato dropped a bombshell.

"If you don't get a grip, Yahiko, I will take Yomi for myself."

Yahiko didn't react much, he wasn't shocked by the revelation; he had always known Nagato had feelings for her. "I won't let that happen."

Meanwhile, on the female side of the bath, Konan sat alone, listening to their conversation. The heavy heart within her was almost too much to bear.

Later that evening, Yomi was buzzing with excitement as she prepared for the dinner. She wanted everything to be perfect for her friends. The dining hall was beautifully set, with an array of dishes laid out, including the dangos she had requested.

When Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan arrived, Yomi greeted them with open arms. "Welcome! I hope you're hungry."

Konan forced a smile, her earlier melancholy hidden behind a mask of politeness. "Thank you, Yomi. Everything looks wonderful."

As they sat down to eat, the atmosphere was filled with warmth and laughter. Kisame, now a young and confident shinobi, shared some exciting news.

"I have been chosen by the Mizukage to be the next host of Isobu!" Kisame announced proudly.

Everyone congratulated him, excitement and pride evident in their voices. But Yomi, unfamiliar with the term, asked, "Who is Isobu?"

Kakuzu, who had been quietly sipping his wine, sighed and explained. "Isobu is the Three-Tails, a powerful tailed beast. It's a significant honour and responsibility."

Yomi's eyes widened in realisation. "Wow, Kisame, that's incredible! Congratulations!"

Kisame beamed, happy to receive her praise. "Thank you Sozo-sama! I'm glad I could make you proud!"

"Kisame.. I said just call me Onee-san.." She whined.

"No way Sozo-sama! That's too disrespectful!"

"Kakuzu.." She wanted his support, Kisame always listened to him seeing as her sensei.

"He's right Sozo-sama." He said coldly taking another sip of wine.

"Alcoholic." She muttered. He only snickered and ignored her.

The dinner continued with lively conversation and celebration. Konan stared at the dangos on her plate; she was still so nice to her despite everything. Her heart was ripped to pieces by guilt and shame. She took the dango and ate it; the sweetness was too bitter for her.

Konan stared at her cold body, her mingled with the mud as rain poured over her soul like ice dousing her heart. She had no strength to cry or scream.

She regretted it.

She regretted it so much.

Rēbørn - A Naruto Fanfiction - Chapter 14 - aaliswalker (2024)
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