No. 1 auto glass company Safelite buys No. 2 TruRoad (2024)

A little more than a year after merging JN Phillips and Techna Glass to form the nation’s “second largest automotive glass and claims-management company,” CenterOak Partners announced it had sold that No. 2 to the No. 1 Safelite Group.

“In 2007 we welcomed Safelite to Belron and watched the business grow to be the largest, most respected leader in the industry,” Gary Lubner, CEO of Safelite parent Belron, said in a statement Tuesday. “Today, it’s an honor to do the same with TruRoad. As third-generation leaders of family businesses, I have the highest respect for Bob and the accomplishments both he and his teams have achieved. It’s going to be a wonderful and prosperous future for our companies.”

The sale closed Aug. 19.

“We have shifted our attention to communication plans, welcoming our new associates to our Safelite family, informing our key clients and suppliers, and are moving into the discovery/planning phase,” Safelite communications director Keriake Lucas wrote in an email Saturday.

The Safelite Group has 7,800 “MobileGlassShops and facilities” and a presence in 50 states, while TruRoad has 2,000 “company‐owned, franchised, and contracted providers” in 17 states, according to Safelite. (CenterOak describes a TruRoad footprint including an “affiliated network of over 5,000 independent auto glass shops”.)

Besides Techna Glass and JN Phillips, TruRoad also owns Harmon AutoGlass and Windshield Center. Since its 2018 launch, TruRoad has made “nine strategic acquisitions,” CenterOak wrote in a news release.

“We are proud to have partnered with Bob Rosenfield and the TruRoad team in forming a leading platform in the highly fragmented auto glass replacement and repair market,” CenterOak managing partner Randall Fojtasek said in a statement. “The company has grown organically and through acquisitions while investing in new technology, key talent and support, training and recruiting technicians, and undergoing a large-scale integration effort. The management team’s talent and execution allowed the company to capitalize on these growth opportunities while maintaining their commitment to a differentiated customer service experience.”

“We are extremely pleased to have created and grown our organization and established great consumer relevance with simple, uncomplicated resolution to complex vehicle glass and ADAS repair needs. Our partnership with the CenterOak team has truly helped us to increase our capabilities much faster and smarter than we otherwise would have been able to accomplish,” TruRoad CEO Robert Rosenfield said in a statement. “TruRoad and CenterOak shared a vision to capitalize on the fragmented nature of the auto glass replacement and repair market through a buy-and-build strategy. Over the course of the partnership we invested in technology, consolidated supply chain and purchasing power, implemented a single IT platform, and harmonized best operational practices, which all created value at an accelerated pace.”

Safelite’s plans

The TruRoad companies will be renamed to carry the Safelite brand, Lucas confirmed in an email Saturday.

“We have invested significantly in building the Safelite brand—a brand consumers trust for convenience, quality, and innovation,” she wrote. “Safelite is also the only national company that provides the only true national warranty, serving anyone in the United States (in all 50 states) within one day of their service needs. We take pride in delivering unexpected happiness to people’s everyday lives. It’s our purpose and it guides our work every day.

“That said, ultimately, all brands will convert to Safelite. We deeply respect and admire the combined businesses of TruRoad and the associates who have worked hard to build the success of each. As we approach the discovery phase in a planful and deliberate manner, we will invest time in getting to know more about each other and welcome the feedback of associates as we develop our strategies and timetable.”

Asked if the company planned any layoffs or closures, Lucas reiterated that “we have just started the discovery/planning phase. We anticipate this phase will continue into Q4 and will not know the answer to your question until this phase is complete. Our focus is on associate, client, customer, and sales retention. This focus will guide our future actions.”

Safelite wrote in its Tuesday news release that buying TruRoad would help “accelerate growth.” Safelite also said the merger would help with its advanced driver assistance system recalibration business.

“ADAS recalibrations will be a top priority as best practices, tools, and trainings are shared,” Safelite wrote.

Safelite noted that another TruRoad company, StrategicClaim, pairs well with its own Safelite Solutions. This combination will be worth watching by collision repairers, given that both firms are involved in third-party claims work for auto insurers.

“TruRoad’s insurance services combine contact centers, self‐service solutions and real‐time service networks to optimize the auto and homeowner claim reporting and resolution cycle – easily, quickly, and accurately – for insurers and their policyholders at the time of incident,” Safelite wrote in its Tuesday news release. “TruRoad’s approach to strategic client relationships aligns strongly with Safelite Solutions’ claims management services, making this acquisition a perfect fit to improve upon its world-class service.”

Still a fragmented market

Asked about regulatory review on a No. 1 buying a No. 2, Lucas pointed out the large number of small businesses remaining in the auto glass industry.

“Auto glass repair and replacement is a highly segmented industry, meaning there are countless small businesses in this space and plenty of room for everyone to compete for market share,” she wrote. “That said, we followed all proper reporting protocol and government regulations when working through the logistics of the deal.”

Sometimes regulators will approve a merger overall but require divestments in certain markets to keep the region competitive. However, Lucas said the company didn’t expect to divest any TruRoad businesses either.

More information:

“Safelite Group Acquires COP TruRoad Parent, LLC.”

Safelite, Aug. 20, 2019

“CenterOak Partners Announces Sale of TruRoad”

CenterOak Partners, August 2019

Featured image: The Safelite Group logo is shown. (Provided by Safelite via PR Newswire)

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No. 1 auto glass company Safelite buys No. 2 TruRoad (2024)


No. 1 auto glass company Safelite buys No. 2 TruRoad? ›


Safelite Group, Inc. is an American provider of automotive glass repair and replacement services, wholesale automotive glass sales, along with insurance claims management, based in Columbus, Ohio. › wiki › Safelite
wrote in its Tuesday news release that buying TruRoad would help “accelerate growth.” Safelite also said the merger would help with its advanced driver assistance system recalibration business. “ADAS recalibrations will be a top priority as best practices, tools, and trainings are shared,” Safelite wrote.

Who did Safelite buyout? ›

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Deal Closed September 29, 2023 – Safelite® Group, the nation's leading vehicle glass services and recalibration company and owner of Safelite AutoGlass®, announced today an agreement to acquire the assets of Colorado-based Sun Auto Glass.

Who is Safelite biggest competitor? ›

Safelite AutoGlass main competitors are Vudu, Quadratec, and Safelite Auto Glass.

How big of a crack can Safelite fix? ›

Safelite can usually repair your windshield if the damage meets these conditions: The damage is under 6 inches in length* The point of impact is smaller than a dime. There are no more than 3 chips.

Who owns Safelite AutoGlass? ›

In 2007, Safelite was acquired by Luxembourg based Belron, which is in turn owned by the D'Ieteren group, Belron is the world's largest vehicle glass company, providing service in over 32 countries. Thomas Feeney became the president and CEO in 2008.

Who is the CEO of Safelite repair? ›

Renee Cacchillo, President & CEO.

Who bought auto glass now? ›

Driven Brands purchased the company for $170 million. “[The acquisition of Auto Glass Now] really does solidify our position as an industry player,” Macaluso says.

Who is the largest automotive glass manufacturer in the world? ›

Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd: As the world's largest automotive glass manufacturer, Fuyao leverages its Chinese roots and production capacity to cater to a global market.

Did Safelite buy giant glass? ›

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Jan. 4, 2013 - Safelite® Group, the nation's leading vehicle glass company, has reached an agreement to acquire Boston-based Giant Glass, effective December 31, 2012.

Where is the headquarters for Safelite AutoGlass? ›

Can a 12 inch crack in windshield be repaired without? ›

Repairing a long crack correctly on your windshield requires specific tools and experience with specific long crack resins. Typically, though it is by far much easier than a replacement and it can be easily done on cracks up to 18 inches long with the right tools and resins.

Can Safelite repair cracks in the rain? ›

Your windshield cannot be repaired in the rain. Your windshield should be completely dry to ensure that the resin can properly adhere to the crack or chip. However, this does not mean all hope is lost if it is raining. Most windshield repair shops have a garage or covered area where they can perform the repair.

Can Safelite stop a crack from spreading? ›

However, we can guarantee that upon completion of a successful repair, the chip or crack will not crack further and that the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection, or we will credit the cost of the repair toward a replacement.

Who is the competition for Safelite? ›

Top 2 Competitors & Alternatives to
  • , with 203.4K visits, 46 authority score, 85.26% bounce rate.
  • , with 145.06K visits, 37 authority score, 93.14% bounce rate.

Does Safelite use factory parts? ›

Safelite buys its glass from the largest and most sophisticated glass manufacturers in the world; companies that work directly with and supply to the vehicle manufacturers.

How many employees does Safelite have? ›

Safelite AutoGlass was founded in 1947 and its current CEO is Renee Cacchillo. Since its inception 77 years ago, Safelite AutoGlass has grown to 16000 employees.

Who owns Belron? ›

D'Ieteren Group is a Belgian family-controlled listed investment firm that has been Belron's majority shareholder since 1999.

When did Belron acquire Safelite? ›

2007 Belron acquires US market leader Safelite®.

Who bought American glass distributors? ›

PGW Auto Glass, LLC announced two acquisitions. On December 27, the company announced it acquired American Glass Distributors, the largest independent wholesale distributor of auto aftermarket glass and supplies in the southern United States. American Glass is headquartered in Ft.

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