Infected Wolf Spider (2024)

This article contains spider imagery that could be disturbing.
"So... looks like I'm doing this."
"So... looks like I'm doing this."
"Look for a weak spot! In stories and games, spiders always have a weak spot!"
"Look for a weak spot! In stories and games, spiders always have a weak spot!"
"Maybe it'll just ask a riddle... I'm good at riddles."
"Maybe it'll just ask a riddle... I'm good at riddles."
"This one's going to be a knock down drag out fight!"
"This one's going to be a knock down drag out fight!"

The Infected Wolf Spider is a strong creature that appears after sealing the weed killer canister in the Haze. It will replace 1 of any of the 3 Wolf Spiders in the Oak Hill biome as well as spawning in the right most section under the sheds deck and under the berry bushes in the Moldorc Highlands after 1 day of the Weed Killer being sealed.


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Unlike its normal counterpart, the Infected Wolf Spider never sleeps and instead constantly patrols a small area around its spawn point. It performs the same attacks as normal Wolf Spiders, except for the addition of an unblockable explosive 3-hit combo and jump attack. Its 5-hit combo attacks is also much faster. The Infected Wolf Spider has an extra, special ability in which it shoots an explosive spore at far away or unreachable targets, in a similar way to Orb Weavers' web projectiles. If it does not impact a player or creature, these explosive spores will stick to the ground and remain inactive until an entity comes into close proximity of it, in which it will explode. If the spore directly hits the player after being launched, the explosion will also web them in place.

Interactions With Player[]

The Infected Wolf Spider is hostile to the player and will chase them to great distances until the player is killed or has gotten far enough away. It will not relent for a long time, even if the player is out of reach.

Interactions With Other Creatures[]

Infected Wolf Spiders are hostile to all other creatures, excluding normal Wolf Spiders and other Infected Creatures, to whom they are neutral until one inadvertently damages the other.

Advanced Loot Table[]

This is a more advanced covering of the loot-table of Infected Wolf Spider. Each item has an independent chance and count, in which the chance is the chance it can drop and the count is the amount of items that have that chance. If a count larger than 1 is in one section, then each item has an independent chance from one another (EX: Instead of getting say 2 of a resource, you can get 1 with a 70% chance and another with an additional 70% chance). In terms of Stealing, it can take one item from every section of the loot table, so even if a item count is say 5, the player will only steal one from that section.

Creature Loot Tables also tend to have large amounts of 1% items, which is intended to make stealing more rare items harder, as the player is more likely to steal the large amounts of 1% items than a singular 50% item.

Note: For consistency sake, all duplicate categories have a multiplier next to them, but function as unique loot types when say using Stealing.


ItemCountChanceAdditional Info
Fungal Growth10100%-
Fungal Growth120%-
Fungal Growth110%-
Fungal Growth x511%-
Science Cone125%New Game+2
Science Waffle125%New Game+
Spider Chunk150%-
Spider Chunk420%-
Spider Fang2100%-
Spider Fang250%-
Spider Fang x2110%-
Spider Fang x211%-
Spider Venom675%-
Spider Venom x211%-
Volatile Fang10%Only Obtainable From Stealing

Raid Variant[]

Fungal Growth1025%
Spider Fang2100%
Spider Chunk x311%


After sealing the weed canister in the Haze using a Gum Nugget, Infected Wolf Spiders will spread to multiple mini-infected zones across the map after a few days. They include:

  • Inside the Oak Tree
  • Under the deck of the Shed
  • In the Moldorc Highlands, underneath the small berry bushes


Infected Wolf Spiders are very deadly and it is recommended to have tier 3 armor and weapons to face them. A Mint Mace, Fresh Toenail Scimitar, or other mint-imbued weapon can also be useful to do extra damage. Mastering perfect blocks for Wolf Spiders is recommended to avoid the fatal fungal explosions, as they can be near fatal if triggered, if you have trouble doing this you can try using a tier 3 shield along with the Shield Solidifier and/or the Roly Poly Armor to block their attacks, in which case the player won't be hurt by the explosion. Their jump attack will always make an explosion and is impossible to run away from, making it required to either tank or block the explosion. This can be near lethal, instantly killing the player if 2 lunge attacks are triggered in the fight with most Armor. As such, heavily upgraded fresh weapons or highly defensive armor like Roly Poly Armor is suggested.

If possible, the Fungal Charm is highly recommended for the fight. If not, then the Compliance Badge helps out some. Spicy Safety also surprisingly helps reduce the damage from Bite explosions.


  • The dialogue lines for the Infected Wolf Spider are actually reused, originally being used for the older version of the Hedge Broodmother.
  • The Infected Wolf Spider was added due to "popular demand" from the community.[1]


Infected Wolf Spider Creature Card

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