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If the word spider strikes fear into your soul, you’re not alone. It’s thought nearly 100 million people worldwide suffer from Arachnophobia.

The intense fear of spiders can get so bad people experience anxiety in the at the mere thought there may be a spider somewhere lurking in their home.

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Interestingly, most spiders are harmless and fear of them, like many fears, is irrational. However…. one look at a Wolf Spider and it’s pretty clear your fears could be classified as valid.

The scariest thing about the Wolf is its speed, just as quick as you spot one, it disappears, making it a very tricky spider to catch.

They spend most of their time on the ground and speed around catching prey. So, how can you get rid of a wolf spider so you can relax once more ?

Prevention Outside

Wolf spiders enjoy dark places and will hide in plant pots and under leaves or debris. To make your yard an unattractive option, clear away any unused items or cover empty vessels over the winter.

Sweep up leaves and other garden rubbish. Expose your yard to as much sunlight as possible to dissuade spiders from lurking in crevices ready to strike fear into the heart of the unsuspecting.

Try to keep vegetation and plants away from the side of the house, as it’s likely the Wolf spider will set up camp there.

If your house has holes or cracks on the outside wall, be sure to fill them in to prevent the little critters getting inside and possibly entering the house.

Make it a practice to walk around your house and identify ways of entrance for spiders and ensure they can’t get in.

Another option to consider is an insect screen. A favorite entrance spot for spiders is an air vent.

These vents are usually situated close to the ground and as such makes for easy access. Insect screens that consist of a tight mesh over the vent will prevent them from getting in.

Outside lighting can attract a plethora of insects such as flies, and moths, providing spiders with their next meal. Limit the time you leave outside lights on, or invest in solar lights that produce a different color that is less appealing.

In addition, try to keep blinds or curtains shut at night to prevent light outside. Spiders are nocturnal and go searching for meals at night.

Prevention Inside

Keeping your home clean will dissuade spiders as there won’t be crumbs or food to attract them. Getting rid of cobwebs will prevent spiders from returning, as they’d be homeless.

Empty containers or boxes should be covered. It’s not unusual to find spiders hanging out in boxes. Ensure boxes are tightly covered, spiders are flexible little things and can squeeze into the smallest space.

As with the outside, make sure all cracks are filled in. Fully spider proofing your home may take time and requires a careful inventory of possible routes including basem*nts, attics, and any other spaces that’s easy to crawl through.

It might be a good idea to look at your home from the perspective of the spider and decide how accessible it is.

Clearing away clutter from your home is imperative to avoid providing a home for Spiders and insects. Clear away piles of paper and magazines and keep all food in airtight containers and in high places if possible.

If you can, keep windows closed, especially during the late summer and Autumn. Despite popular belief, spiders aren’t little predators invading the home to scare the pants off of unsuspecting humans.

Spiders start mating in the Autumn and are driven inside to search for a mate and escape the cold. They couldn’t care less about the human inhabitants, but even so it can be unnerving for those with phobias.

What if you’ve done all the above, but still find a Wolf spider in your home?

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Sprays And Powder

There are lots of chemical sprays and powders on the market, and they are very effective in eliminating spiders. The chemicals are neurotoxins and affect the spider’s nervous system quickly, preventing them from working resulting in the spider’s death.

Be sure to choose a product that is designed to specifically kill spiders and not other insects. Normal insect spray won’t kill a spider, but may very well make it angry.

Take some time to read reviews on the effectiveness of sprays before purchase, as they all work in a slightly different way.

Wolf spider spray works by leaving the chemical on the area sprayed. So Spraying it around drains and gaps will be effective as that’s where spiders will likely start their journey into your home; they will meet their fate en route.

Powders are great products and can be sprinkled on carpets and in dark corners, as well as under furniture. Spiders will walk over the powder and be immobilized as it affects the limbs and then causes poisoning to the stomach.

If you’re worried about pets or kids, there are some great alternative organic products available that are safe if accidentally trodden on or swallowed.

Humane Elimination

If the thought of allowing a spider to endure a painful chemical death doesn’t sit right with you, there are other more humane ways to get rid of the little nuisances.

Spider catchers are a cheap option and they’ll help catch other insects too. They come in many colors and you can check options here: Spider Catchers Some are very sli and have a sticky surface designed to trap the spiders. The idea is that you then remove them and relocate them away from you and back into the outside world.

It’s important to remember to get rid of them; if you forget, they will die a horrible death from starvation.

Of course, if your fear is manageable, and you can cope with touching a spider then the easiest and cheapest way to get rid is to get a cup and a piece of paper and carry it outside.

But understandable, this may strike fear into the arachnophobes out there.

So, there you have a handy little guide for keeping your home spider free and ensuring a safe and relaxing space to enjoy.

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How To Get Rid Of Wolf Spiders: Inside & Outside | What Kills It (2024)
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