How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders From Your Home & Yard (BEST DIY Tips) (2024)

The wolf spiders are quite large, measuring about .04 to 1.18 inches in body size and are brown. They are a ground dwellers and prefer to hunt rather than spin a web, hiding in dark corners or shadows to ambush their prey. It is not a fatal bite should you come in close enough contact to be bitten, but it will be painful.

They are not something you want lurking around your house and if you’ve noticed them; it’s time to get rid of them.

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1 How to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

1.1 Close off Access to the Inside

1.2 Check the Interior of Your Home

1.3 Keep Your Outside Area Uninviting

1.4 Other Steps to take to Make Your Home Less Inviting To Wolf Spiders

2 How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

2.1 Pesticides

2.2 Natural Methods of Removing the Wolf Spider

How to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

Close off Access to the Inside

The best and the first thing to do in getting rid of the wolf spider is to prevent them from being able to get inside your home. Make sure your screens do not have holes in them and that all weather stripping on windows are intact.

Then go around with a caulking gun and slowly inspect your home and fill any cracks, holes or crevices that they may use to enter. Look especially careful around electrical wires or plumbing that lead into your house.

Check the Interior of Your Home

Once you have closed off their access from the outside, check the interior of your home starting with the basem*nt if you have one. Check for cracks or even holes that may need patching and filling.

Check those same plumbing and wiring areas where they lead in from the outside as well as the windows to make sure there are no cracks around their perimeters. From the basem*nt work your way up in the house until you’ve reached the attic checking all windows and doorways for any possible entrances for the wolf spider.

Keep Your Outside Area Uninviting

To keep the wolf spider away from your house, clear all vegetation where they will want to hide, away from the structure. Do not have any hedges, bushes, grasses or ivies growing right up against the wall as the wolf spider loves dark and shadowy places where they can hunt.

Do not have any outside lighting along your house as these attract the tasty little treats the wolf spider will hunt. If you must provide outside lighting for safety reasons; use the yellow or sodium vapor lights as fewer bugs are attracted to these.

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Other Steps to take to Make Your Home Less Inviting To Wolf Spiders

  • Clean up any insects you see in your home as this is the food the wolf spider is hunting. They will feed on ants, flies, moths and more so remove all their food source and you will soon see them disappearing.
  • Vacuum your rooms regularly to make sure there are no crumbs lying around. The crumbs will attract other insects, and that is just what the wolf spider is looking for. Fewer insects in your home will make your home less appealing to this spider.
  • If you notice any spider webs remove them immediately. If the wolf spider’s web is destroyed, it will discourage them from resettling in the same spot.
  • Use air-tight containers rather than cardboard boxes. The wolf spider loves dark places and will find their way into the cardboard box to make its home.

How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders

Getting rid of wolf spiders requires a different strategy than getting rid of other spiders. Now that you know how to keep your home uninviting for the wolf spider let’s look at how to get rid of them if they have already chosen your home for their own.


There are a lot of pesticides on the market that will kill the wolf spider and prevent more from entering. You will want to use one with one or more of these ingredients:

  • Deltamethrin
  • Pyrethrin
  • Cypermethrin
  • Lambda-Cyhalothrin

There are many different uses for these control methods, and it is extremely important to read the label instructions to make sure you are using them correctly and in the right areas of your home for your safety.

Chemicals that leave a residue are more effective as the wolf spider hunts on the ground, so they are more likely to step into the residue.

Natural Methods of Removing the Wolf Spider

  • Cats are great hunters, and when they see these little creatures running across your floor, they will go after them.
  • Spider traps can be as simple as a little piece of cardboard paper with a sticky substance spread on it. This will work great for catching the wolf spider as well as any other creature you may have lurking in your home.
  • Eco-Exempt D Dust is an organic insecticide. It is pet safe and works very efficiently on killing the wolf spider.

The wolf spider can reach up to four inches and are not easy to kill by squishing and if so would make an unsightly mess. They can be an amazing and fascinating creature—if outside. But, you don’t want wolf spiders in your home. Use these tips to get rid of them and keep them away.

How to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders From Your Home & Yard (BEST DIY Tips) (2024)
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