Grounded Wolf Spider: How to beat it? (2024)

After playing Grounded for a few hours, you'll only want to get back to your normal size and set the garden on fire. The main culprit, you know, is of course the horrible wolf spider, which is the size of a tractor-trailer, compared to your character. All of her abilities mean that she will ruin your life, and the worst part is that you will have to kill several of them to make quality equipment. We don't promise you it's going to be easy, but with the right equipment and method, she can be killed.

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Where to find wolf spiders?

The wolf spider is a nocturnal hunter, it sleeps in its den during the day. At night, she goes out on the road, she generally stays in the wide area around her den, but she can sometimes wander off and make an unexpected detour to your base, for example.

You probably know this only too well, but if you decide to go hunting these creatures, here is a small list of where they live:

  • under the oak tree
  • Under the plank to the southeast
  • In the infected area
  • To the west of the garden

Equipment required

  • If you're going to fight him in melee, you need at least acorn armor and a weevil shield. You don't have much choice, since she is very fast and aggressive, and each attack will inject a deadly poison. If you don't block all of his attacks, you're dead. You can also wait until you have progressed further in the game before rubbing shoulders with her. Ladybug armor would be ideal on this fight.
  • The wolf spider is resistant to piercing attacks, so arrows and spear have limited effectiveness. Favor edged weapons, ideally rank 2+ , it is vulnerable to this type of damage. She is, however, immune to poison , which makes sense.
  • Provide a stock of bandages and various smoothies, with life bonuses, resistance to poison, etc.
  • You can also go and collect all the Milk Molars accessible at this point in the game, in order to buy life and maximum endurance bonuses.

Recommended mutations

Without asking you to farm the best mutations in the game, you can easily unlock 2 or 3 which will make your life much easier. We recommend the following:

  • Human Shield : Purchased for 3000 Raw Science from BURG.L - Increases maximum life by 30%.
  • Axe-All : Kill 50/100/200 creatures with an ax - Ax attacks have a chance to stun the target. This interrupts the target's current action, if you're using an axe, of course. This is probably the best weapon type for this fight, at this level of progression.
  • Flower Executioner : Find the four-leaf clover in the cave in the flooded area to the southeast - Additional increase in critical hit damage by 10%.

Melee combat

So here, no mystery, your only chance of survival is to block, or even perfectly block all attacks. This will require you to learn to recognize each attack and its timing. You might die quite a few times. We therefore suggest that you build a shelter near the place of combat, in order to change your resurrection point. Thus, you can die and come back in a loop, almost without any penalty, and without wasting time.

To help you, here is a small analysis of the attacks:

  • Backswing : The spider backs up a bit before jumping on you.
  • Leap : If the wolf spider is at a distance, it will leap, this allows it to climb almost anything, and attack you on arrival.
  • Slide : When the spider raises its two front legs, it will then slide forward, which produces several attacks.
  • Charged Attack : When the spider raises all fours, it will then perform a devastating forward super attack.

    Perfectly blocking an attack will cause the Wolf Spider to flinch, giving you time to attack with impunity. Hammer and ax type weapons also have a chance to stun him, which will give you an additional attack opportunity.

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Ranged combat

Unlike the Ladybug and the Orbitel, hiding high up to shoot the wolf spider with impunity is very difficult. She will often catch up to you and kill you before you can reach your hideout, if you need to go after her. The thing is likely to be common, since she sleeps during the day.

You must therefore wait for it to pass nearby, from your hideout, and even then, you are very likely to die because of its gigantic leap. You must therefore choose your position very well. One of the places we spotted was the lamp near the oak tree during the night. This overlooks one of the exits from her lair, you just have to attack her when she comes out. The lamp is also much too high for the spider to reach.

The only problem is that the wolf spider is resistant to arrows, expect at least 150-200 solo arrows to kill it, even with the eye patch to increase your damage.

Finally, here's a little tip: wolf spiders never attack other spiders, or even other insects, unless an attack hits them by accident. On the other hand, it primarily attacks bedbugs. If the opportunity arises, you can try to lure the wolf spider to the bedbugs' lair, so that they kill each other. The best place for this is probably the scanner to the east of the garden, as the board is not very far.

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Grounded Wolf Spider: How to beat it? (2024)
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