8 of best moments from the Sidemen Charity football match (2024)

The Sidemen Charity Match returned on Saturday and brought some of the biggest names on YouTube to The Valley in London.

It turned out to be an absolutely brilliant game of football, with Sidemen FC beating the YouTube All Stars 8-7 in front of a sell-out crowd of 27,000 thousand.

The match was a thriller from the first whistle with the likes of KSI, MrBeast, Chunkz and rapper JME all taking to the field for the game, all of which was streamed live on YouTube.

Mark Goldbridge was also in the manager’s dugout for the YouTube Allstars and former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg took charge of the game.

It was all for a good cause too with the money raised going to the Teenage Cancer Trust, CALM, Rays of Sunshine and M7 Education

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These are the eight best moments from an incredible game.

Speed’s tackle on KSI

Less than 20 seconds into the game, American YouTuber IShowSpeed flew into a sliding tackle with KSI and proceeded to celebrate like he had just scored the winning goal in the World Cup final. He might have picked on the wrong guy, given KSI’s impressive record in the boxing ring, but it got the crowd inside The Valley pumped up straight away.

Chunkz’s wonder goal

\u201c\ud83d\ude2d\ud83d\ude2d\ud83d\ude2d I actually played decent \n\u201d

— Chunkz (@Chunkz) 1664041435

Some of the goals scored wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Premier League goal of the season round-up, and the best came from Chunkz after just five-and-a-half minutes. The YouTuber was passed the ball after another Speed slide tackle, before picking his spot and caressing the ball into the corner past the despairing dive of PieFace in the opposition goal.

This 'skill' from Chunkz

\u201cEveryone missed this skill from @Chunkz . What an absolute baller \ud83d\udd25\ud83d\udd25\ud83d\udd25\ud83d\udd25\ud83d\udd25\ud83d\udd25. \n#sidemenCharityMatch\u201d

— Mukuldev Singh Shekhawat (@Mukuldev Singh Shekhawat) 1664037322

Whatever this is, we’re here for it.

An absolute thunderbolt from Yung Filly

\u201cI scored at the @Sidemen charity match, can\u2019t stop watching it back \ud83d\ude2d\u2764\ufe0f\u201d

— Yung Filly (@Yung Filly) 1664060718

His best mate Chunkz scored one, and Yung Filly matched him with an absolute screamer of his own from well outside the box. The YouTuber picked up the ball following a corner and blasted it into the top right corner, leaving the keeper with no chance. An absolute wordlie.

Speed going absolutely wild for an offside goal

\u201cSpeed offside goal \ud83d\ude2d\u201d

— IShowSpeed Updates\u26a1\ufe0f (@IShowSpeed Updates\u26a1\ufe0f) 1664033536

Speed couldn’t stay far away from the action for long, and he went absolutely ballistic after tucking away a nice finish in the second half. He sprinted away, copied Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration and stood on the advertising hoardings before the crowd. Only, embarrassingly, the goal didn’t stand and the celebrations were for nothing.

Cal the Dragon’s goalkeeping

\u201cCal the dragon with one of the worst goalkeeping performance, what the hell are these save attempts \ud83d\ude2d\n\n\u201d

— Janty (@Janty) 1664038246

It’s all for charity, of course, but even so – Cal the Dragon will be disappointed with his efforts in goal. The YouTube All-Stars keeper and TikTok star let in goal after goal during the game, barely laying a glove on anything and getting his positioning wrong pretty much constantly throughout. Better luck next time, Cal.

A sublime sibling assist

\u201cBrilliant goal from brother to brother! \u2764\ufe0f\n\n@Tobji*zzle \ud83e\udd1d @Manny_Official \n\n\u201d

— SPORF (@SPORF) 1664034413

There were moments of real quality during the game, and no more so than this incredible moment from viral stars Tobi and Manny. Tobi was racing down the left wing when he looked up, spotted brother Manny and curled an inch-perfect cross into the box with the outside of his right foot, right onto his sibling’s head. Great goal.

A goal worth of winning any game

\u201cBow down to mister minter \ud83d\ude0d\u201d

— Tobi Updates (@Tobi Updates) 1664036715

The game reached a fitting conclusion when, with only two minutes left on the clock, Miniminter chipped Cal the Dragon from more than 30 yards with an immaculate finish. It secured the game for the Sidemen, earned Miniminter a hat trick and ended the game in style. Well played boys.

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8 of best moments from the Sidemen Charity football match (2024)


Did the Sidemen charity match sell out? ›

THIS IS A SOLD OUT EVENT- PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL OR TRY TO ENTER THE STADIUM WITHOUT A VALID TICKET. Children under 16, must always be accompanied by an adult whilst in the Stadium.

How many people came to Sidemen charity match? ›

The 2023 Sidemen Charity Football Match was the most successful to date, with over 67,000 in attendance, 2.6m peak concurrent viewers and over £2.4m raised for charity. Here's a run through of the event from start to finish! Home / Sidemen Charity Match 2023!

How much were Sidemen charity tickets? ›

Tickets for the watch along can be purchased here. Tickets start at £10, which includes a £10 food token and allows fans to enter the location 30 minutes before kick-off. They do provide a free entry option, though entry into either BoxPark is not guaranteed.

Who are the top donors in the Sidemen charity match? ›

Throughout the stream, donations could be seen streaming in as the total managed to double the amount raised in last year's game. Among the top donors were KSI and Logan Paul's Prime drinks company which donated £250,000.

Who is the MVP of the Sidemen charity match? ›

The undisputed MVP of the 2023 Sidemen Charity Match was none other than TBJZL's younger brother, Manny. With his best ever showing in a charity match, the latter took a page out of Miniminter's book by delivering a hattrick and an assist within just 54 minutes.

What charity was the Sidemen football match for? ›

All proceeds of the event will be donated to charities including suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), youth charity Teenage Cancer Trust and wish-granting charity, Rays of Sunshine.

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