7+ Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders (2024)

While wolf spiders are not dangerous to humans like the black widow, wolf spider bites can be as painful as a bee sting. Not only that, they are particularly creepy with their large eyes, chelicerae (jaws), and dark brown furry looking bodies. We got a little squeamish ourselves while researching how to get rid of wolf spiders.

Like many other common spiders, wolf spiders have learned how to adapt and thrive in just about any location, including cold mountaintops, warm grassy areas, volcanic lava tubes, and the United States. Many people claim that wolf spiders are similar in appearance to tarantulas, but the wolf spider is considerably smaller.

The wolf spider is from the Lycosidae family that is sometimes confused with brown recluse spiders. The wolf spider’s main characteristics include its gray-brown hairy body and three rows of eyes. Are you getting the heebie-jeebies yet?

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Table Of Contents

  1. Pest Control Ideas for Wolf Spiders
    • Natural Wolf Spider Repellent
    • How to Kill Wolf Spiders
    • How to Prevent Wolf Spider Infestation
    • How to Trap a Wolf Spider
    • How to Prevent Spiders in Your Home
    • Repelling Wolf Spiders Naturally
    • DIY Wolf Spider Pest Control
    • Grow Spider Repelling Plants to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

Pest Control Ideas for Wolf Spiders

While you may be tempted to squash a wolf spider on-site, we do not recommend it. Female wolf spiders carry egg sacs on their spinnerets, and spiderlings on her abdomen until they can survive on their own.

Not only do you want to get rid of the mom, but you also want to kill baby spiders, too, so read on to learn how to do that in the most effective way. Killing the wolf spider by stepping on it could release hundreds of baby spiders onto your floor! The following methods show you how to properly get rid of any species of wolf spiders and prevent infestation.

Natural Wolf Spider Repellent

A natural wolf spider repellent spray can be used as a form of spider control. If you are wondering what scent do spiders hate, we’ve got the answer. Spiders are repelled by peppermint, cinnamon, tea tree, cedar, citrus, and many other scents. All of these are readily available in essential oil form.


Wolf Spider Repellent Spray

  • 5 to 10 drops of peppermint oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon dish soap
  • 12 ounces of distilled water
  • Spray bottle


To use peppermint oil for spiders, mix all the ingredients in the spray bottle. Once you have located the wolf spider’s hangout in your home, spray that area once a week until you see that their activity has moved elsewhere.

This spray can also be used for keeping the Brown Recluse and other species at bay, as well as other creepy crawlies. Few insects enjoy the peppermint scent. Also spray the areas where they may be coming into the house, such as entry points, crevices, and crawl spaces.

You can also try using this peppermint spray as a raccoon deterrent or to keep opossums away from your yard and home. Many creatures dislike the strong aroma and will go elsewhere when they encounter it.

How to Kill Wolf Spiders

Perhaps the thought of doing the catch and release method freaks you out. Maybe you don’t have the patience to try one of the other means.

If that’s the case, then you’ll need to know how to kill wolf spiders efficiently and adequately. We have some excellent ideas for a natural spider killer that will get rid of these pests for good.

Eliminating Wolf Spiders

As we mentioned above, squashing a female wolf spider is not recommended because of the chance that you may end up with a lot more spider problems than you when started.

You’ll want to use a direct contact spider killing spray. You can use this spray to spray directly onto the spider as well as along the edges of the home for wolf spider control.

How to Prevent Wolf Spider Infestation

The best way to deal with wolf spiders is to prevent them from coming into your living areas beforehand. There are several ways to do this by following a few simple steps.

Wolf Spider Prevention

Begin by removing vegetation and weedy areas from around your home, and rake up leaf litter, mulch, and yard debris. Remove any spider webs around the house, including on the porch, under the eaves, and any overhangs to prevent web making spider infestation.

Although spiders may rebuild the webs, if you knock them down repeatedly, the spiders will go elsewhere to spin a web that will not be disturbed. Next, you should seal up any cracks or holes that are on the outside and inside of your home.

You can use caulk to fill these crevices to prevent spiders from entering the house. Make sure that the areas around the doors and windows are correctly sealed, as well.

Insects see in three colors of lights, blue, green, and ultraviolet. Outdoor lights attract insects that are a food source for arachnids. Consider using sodium vapor lights instead of incandescent and fluorescent lighting to attract fewer insects. Changing your outdoor lighting also helps keeps gnats away as well as other flying bugs.

Finally, put screens over outdoor vents and any crawl spaces that are located around the base of your home. Doing this will prevent creepy crawlies from getting into your house.

How to Trap a Wolf Spider

While you could try and trap a wolf spider on your own using a large container, this only works if you have some skill and no fear of spiders. Fortunately, there is another method you can use to trap a spider or any insect.

Wolf Spider Trap

One of the easiest ways to trap a spider is to use a mouse glue trap. This will work for smaller insects and spiders. For the larger variety, you can use a spider glue board.

These are a non-toxic and disposable sticky trap that is also mouse-friendly. Since they do not contain any pesticides, they are safe to have around children and pets.

How to Prevent Spiders in Your Home

Many items and conditions are like a welcome mat to spiders. Their main objective is to find a cozy place to hang out while they wait for their dinner. If you make your home as unwelcoming to a spider as you can while eliminating their food source, they will happily find another home.

Spider Prevention

Perform regular vacuuming and dusting to remove spiderwebs and prevent them from growing. Clean cluttered areas such as closets and under beds. Spiders love to hide out in dark, cluttered spaces. For some reason, spiders have a thing for cardboard boxes.

Replace them with plastic totes for storing your belongings. If a spider does not have a satisfactory place to live, it will move somewhere else. Make sure that all of your windows and screens are in good condition.

Replace any cracked windows or ripped screens. Place screens over the inside of your heating/air conditioning vents if you haven’t been able to stop those spiders from coming into your home by other means.

Repelling Wolf Spiders Naturally

Knowing how to get rid of wolf spiders from around your home can make you feel a little more relaxed during evening cook-outs. Using harmful pesticides can be bad for pets and children. The following method offers you one of the natural ways to deter spiders and keep them away that is quite effective.

Natural Spider Repellent

Diatomaceous earth is sedimentary rock that occurs naturally. It is a fine white powdery substance that you can use to get rid of spiders and other pesky insects naturally.

Sprinkle the DE evenly anywhere around the house where you have noticed spiders hanging out. If you live in a trailer home, sprinkle the DE beneath the house. The DE will not stop the bugs, but it will dehydrate and kill them once they are coated with the powder.

DIY Wolf Spider Pest Control

Boric acid is an abrasive powder that can puncture small wounds into the exoskeleton of arachnids, causing them to leak bodily fluids. If insects ingest it, they will become dehydrated and eventually die. While this all sounds quite morbid, it is a useful tool to use if you need to remove wolf spiders from your home.

Boric Acid Pest Control

We do not recommend this strategy if you have pets and children in the home. Otherwise, sprinkle some boric acid in areas where you have noticed wolf spiders hiding and hanging out such as in dark corners. As the spider runs across the boric acid, it will collect bits of the dust on its body.

Grow Spider Repelling Plants to Keep Wolf Spiders Away

Some plants have a reputation for keeping away spiders and can be a useful tool for planting around the yard. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but they can also enhance your backyard.

Spider Repelling Plants

Lavender will keep those spiders at bay along with mosquitoes and fleas. The flowers have a gentle scent that can promote relaxation, so it is also ideal for use as a potpourri.

Eucalyptus is an excellent plant for keeping away spiders, mosquitoes, and a variety of other pests both outside and inside of the home.

Lemon-grass belongs to the same family that produces citronella, which is a popular mosquito repellent. Many homeowners have claimed that it also works well as a spider repellent.

Peppermint is a spider repellent that can also be used in the kitchen for cooking. This very sturdy plant will also keep arachnids from the yard.

We all have to share this world, including the spider species. Keeping spiders away from your home and gathering areas can be accomplished with the right techniques and know-how. You can now rest, knowing that you can control wolf spiders through proper pest management, caulk, repellents, and traps.

7+ Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders (2)

Now that you know how to get rid of wolf spiders without squashing them, why not share these natural ways of having your home spider-free with your friends and family on Facebook?

7+ Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wolf Spiders (2024)
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